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Abbott Architect C8000 Analyser

Abbott Architect C8000 Analyser in addition, has the ability to be integrated with the i2000SR.

The Abbott Architect C8000 analyser is a great clinical chemistry assay and immunoassay system on one platform.

Impressively, the Architect C8000 requires only one operator interface for both chemistry and immunoassay testing and also delivers one combined report.


  • Clinical chemistry throughput is up to 1,200
  • Immunoassay up to 200 tests per hour
  • One LIS and a large onboard reagent capacity of 68 chemistries and 25 immunoassays.


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Chemistry Analyzer equipment is used to measure and analyze the chemical components of a sample.

It is used in a variety of settings, including medical laboratories, research laboratories, and industrial applications.

The equipment is used to measure the concentration of various chemicals in a sample, such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and enzymes. It can also be used to measure the pH level of a sample, as well as its conductivity, viscosity, and other physical properties.

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